Vietnam Book Award 2016 was held on December 28th 2016 in Hanoi. There were 90 prizes, in which 47 prizes were in the Best Book category and 43 prizes were in the Most beautiful Book category.

2016 is the 12th year that the Vietnam Publishing Association holds the Vietnam Book Award. The preparation was started since the beginning of the year. The Vietnam Publication Association had sent a notice to announce and guide how to select books for awarding to all publishers in the country. All the books had gone through many selected rounds, prequalification, reviewing, balloting and final selected round.

The Organizing Board had a general assessment on quantity of participants, quantity and quality of books and the award structure. In fact, in 2016, there were 40 out of 60 publishers in the country participated in the competition, increased five publishers compared to 2015; the quantity of book in 2016 was less than 31 books compared to 2015. In term of quality, all books in 2016 are valuable on both of content and form. Regarding to the award structure, the books of all eight subcommittees mainly focus on children’s book, education-training and literature. The remaining are Political Theory, cultural arts and beautiful book category.

As a result, for the Best book category, there were 47 prizes includes four Gold Prizes, ten Silver Prizes, 17 Bronze Prizes and 16 Incentive Prizes. For the Most beautiful Book category, there were 43 prizes includes four Gold Prizes, eight Silver Prizes, 13 Bronze Prizes and 16 Incentive Prizes. Finally, the beautiful cover prize was awarded for three artists:  Van Sang, Pham Tuan and Hoang Minh Duc.

The Vietnam Book Award Ceremony in 2016 will be held at 8.30am on December 28th 2016 at National Library of Vietnam, 31 Trang Thi Street, Hanoi. 

Here are some pictures of the awarding ceremony: